Plastic Promises

About the Creators:

Noah (Creator):
Hiya, I'm Noah. I am a 14 year old male. Some of my hobbies include drawing, listening to music, and a bunch of other lame stuff. If there's anything wrong with the website, or anything you would like to know more about, feel free to contact me (or us).

Henlo, my name is Kate. I help Noah with the character design and story plot, so I guess I'm a co-creator? I am a 14 year old female, that enjoys drawing, listening to music, watching anime and playing osu. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via insta or email.

Red (Supervisor/Critique):
I am an average 16 year old male, and I love anime. I like to play video games on my free time as well as doodle, and make crusty memes. :v

About our Website/Story

Our story is set in 1950's San Diego. The "main" character(s) would be Robert(for sure), Oswaldo, "Red Death", Anthony, and Rainer.
The whole story basically follows Robert's life, and the rest of the characters help introduce the main characters to each other, as well as strengthen the characters' background stories.

Kate:Click the circles, to the beat