Plastic Promises


March 27, 2017

1. We changed the name of the comic! The new name is: Plastic Promises.
2. Our comic is up on Tapas/Tapastic! Our friend code is 'WORD877U'
3. I will upload at least one panel every Wednesday (and sometimes Friday) -Noah


February 14, 2017

Red is my fetus -Ophelia


February 8, 2017

So, I know we don't have many viewers, but we made a poal on Poal.Me to see what you guys think we should do next. Please visit the site and take the poal. -Ophelia

Character Design

February 7, 2017

Hi People! We're hard at work making character designs for the character profiles! :) I have no idea why I wanted to say this, but I guess I wanted to tell you guys? Idk, I just wanted to make another announcment... -Ophelia

New Website!

February 6, 2017

Hello, Welcome! This is Red Waters! It's a story thingie that we made and yea we used to be but we scratched that and went for something more realistic, so this website was born :) -Ophelia