Plastic Promises


Brittney Wagner
AKA: "Fit Britt"

Brittney Wagner is Duncan Wagner and Ophelia Wagner's little sister. She can be a big brat to their parents when she doesn't get what she wants. She's a big bully, espically towards Ellie and her older sis, Ophelia. Ophelia tries to be nice to Brittney, but she still gets the smack from the little diva eitherway. Brittney is super close to her big brother, Duncan and he can be really overprotective of her. She has designer brands and has endless piles of cash. She earned the nickname "Fit Britt" because of her obsession with working out. She has a gym subscription to the most expensive gym around and makes sure its known. She enjoys going to the mall with her friends and inherited her older bro's "manipulation talent." Btittney is a cheerleader and enjoys it a lot. She makes sure she is the most perfect in the cheer squad and practically worships Paris Neal, the cheer captain and Duncan's girlfriend.