Plastic Promises


Duncan Wagner

Duncan Wagner is the older brother of Ophelia Wagner and Brittney Wagner. He's the most popular and liked kid at school. Him and Paris Neal, his girlfriend, make what you would call "Highschool Sweethearts." They both enjoy being superior and bullying anyone they can. Duncan likes to bully his little sister Ophelia, while pampering and taking care of Brittney. He's considered a jock, always hanging out with his group of rich seniors. Truthfully, Duncan doesn't like them, and just uses them. He has the manipulation talent, and hates everyone really, except for Paris and his family, excluding Ophelia of course. He hates her too. Paris enjoys bulling people with Duncan and they can make anyone shake in their boots when they're around anyone they plan to make feel like losers. Duncan is the football captain and the best player on the team. He's trying to get a scholarship to a football college and thinks that would be a great career for him.