Plastic Promises


Paris Neal

Paris Neal is another rich kid. She's currently in a relationship with Duncan Wagner, the most popular senior at their high school and enjoys picking on people more than anything. Whenever she goes over to the Wagner residence, she makes it a must to pick on Ophelia, Duncan's little sister and Brittney's older sister. She's the cheer captain and is worshipped by Brittney, Duncan and Ophelia's little sister. Truthfully, Paris feels jealous of Brittney because she gets more time with Duncan and he cares about her so much. Duncan treats her out to fancy, expensive restaurants every week. Paris hates her parents, but they're the ones who give her anything she wants, basically spoiling her rotten. All the popular kids love Paris, but when she hears someone doesn't like her, she'll go right up to them and bully them until they tell her that they love her.